Jumia Black Friday 2018 – Deals, Date, Sale

When Is Jumia Black Friday 2018 – Shop Online For Best Buy Deals On 2018 Black Friday

Jumia Black Friday 2018

Jumia is an online marketplace/electronic commerce company under the umbrella of the jumianGroup conglomerate. The company is mainly known for its range of appliances, hardware, fashion items.


The company was founded by Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec as Kaymu in 2013. Its headquarters are currently in the Yaba area of Lagos, Nigeria. The company initially started out as the Rocket Internet Company. However, the rapid growth of the company allowed it to secure strategic investors, including CDC, Goldman Sachs, Orange, MTN and the Millicom group.

On June 23, 2016, Africa Internet Group (AIG), the parent company announced that it was bringing all its known e-commerce companies under the Jumia umbrella

Jumia Market was founded by Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec in February, 2013. The company started operations in Nigeria and Pakistan that same year under the name Kaymu; after receiving an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Rock Internet.

The company grew from an employee base of ten to sixty within first nine months and opened operations in Ghana and Morocco in October, 2013.

By June 2015, Kaymu had expanded its operations to Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Croatia and Angola Mozambique, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, and the Philippines, bringing the total number of countries to 35. Jumia Market employs eBay’s business model, serving as an online mall where sellers and buyers meet to make transactions.

The company launched its smartphone apps for Android, iOS and Blackberry in September, 2014 tapping into the tremendous growth of mobile technology, especially on the African continent.in March 2016, AIG announced that top tier investment bank, Goldman Sachs and French Insurance company AXA, had joined its list of investors with both investing a cumulative sum of over $300 million.The company is headed globally by Massi Spalazzi, who serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), while Andrea Di Natale serves as the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO

In 2014, the company launched an office in Uganda.

In 2015, Jumia generated about $234 million in revenue which stands for a 265% growth from 2014.

As of 2016, Jumia had 126 operations across 23 African countries, thus covering 90% of African GDP and 3 million customers.

In 2016 Jumia became the continent’s first unicorn being valued over 1 billion USD. 

As of 2017, there are 126 websites in activity across 23 African countries

Finally the dates for Jumia Black Friday 2018 is out Here’s the dates for each county

Jumia Black Friday 2018

Nigeria: Nov 13th – Dec 13th
Egypt: Nov 12th – Dec 12th
Kenya: Nov 13th – Dec 13th
Morocco: Nov 13th – Dec 10th
Ivory Coast: Nov 10th – Dec 12th 

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Current Year Date
Jumia Black Friday 2018

November 23 2018

Previous Year Date
Jumia Black Friday 2017November 24 2017
Jumia Black Friday 2016November 25 2016
Jumia Black Friday 2015November 27 2015
Jumia Black Friday 2014November 28 2014
Jumia Black Friday 2013November 29 2013
Jumia Black Friday 2012November 23 2012
Jumia Black Friday 2011November 25 2011
Jumia Black Friday 2010November 26 2010
Jumia Black Friday 2009November 27 2009
Jumia Black Friday 2008November 28 2008
Jumia Black Friday 2018 Promotion will be coming up on November 30 2017, Expect massive discount on Laptops, Mobile Phones, Fashion, Home Appliances, Kitchen Utensils, Kid’s Toys, Sport & Fitness & Games On November 23 2017.



Jumia Black Friday 2018 DealsUp-To 50% Off On All Deals
Jumia Tablets DealsUp-To 60% Off On  Flash Sales
Jumia PS4 Black Friday DealsUp-To 50% Off On Deals
Jumia Laptops Black Friday Deals40% Off  guaranteed
Jumia PC Accessories Black Friday Deals50% Off Across All Accessories
Jumia Camera’s Black Friday DealsAbout 50% Off On Camera Deals
Jumia Smart Phones Black Friday DealsUp-To 50% Off
Jumia Clothing Black Friday DealsOver 70% Off On Clothing
Jumia Television Black Friday DealsOver 60 % Off
Jumia Washing Machines Black Friday Deals50% Off On Washing Machines

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* Up To 40% On Tablet- The World At Your Fingertips

* Men’s Accessories

* Men’s Clothing

* Men’s Shoes

* Up to 50% -PhoneMania

* Laptops/computing

* Ladies/Women’s Clothing

* Ladies/Women’s Accessories

* Ladies/Women’s Shoes

* SmartPhones

* Beauty And Perfumes

* Home And Kitchen Appliances

* Boys Fashion – Clothings and Footwears for your kids

* Girls Fashion – Clothings and Footwears for your kids



  • Make a list of items you will like to purchase. (Smartphones , laptops , shoes , fashion items , Tv sets , anything!)
  • Save as much money as you can , so that you will have more than enough for the event.
  • Make sure your phone and laptop is fully charged the night before black friday  , in order to avoid disappointment.
  • Get a good internet connection , one that is very very fast! I will advice Etisalat and Mtn
  • Be awake by 11:30pm. Jumia black friday 2018 will starts by 12am and that’s when most of the good deals are posted.
  • Open this website post link and click on the post link and click on the jumia black friday 2018 banner or the all deals link in this post.

In the end , you need to be sharp, swift and not sluggish.


How to make money on jumia black friday


Jumia Black Friday 2018 Deals

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