How To Make Money On Jumia Black Friday 2018

How To Make Money On Jumia Black Friday 2018
Black Friday is near and you want to make more money on Jumia Black Friday

How To Make Money on Jumia Black Friday

Did you just know about how you can make money?  YES you can make money on the ongoing Jumia Black Friday 2018  and on every Black Friday

How To Make Money On Jumia Black Friday

Here is a simple way by which people that are  very smart make huge profits. Here is how you can make money from Blackfriday sales , most of the products are sold at more than half the normal price.

If you’re smart enough , you can buy products in bulk and then resell  at the normal price , when the black Friday deals Are over.

Jumia since when originated And Established has been soaring high and improving just like when you try hard to improve your sales, you get better, good and pleasant results. On Jumia Black Friday 2016 a sales of 295,000 Two hundred and Ninety Five thousand Sales were recorded amounting to a huge sum of #7million.

For instance ,

Check out Estimation of Black Friday  discount the normal price of PS4 is #120,000 , but it can sell for#60,000on  black friday.  That’s a whooping 50% (#60,000) off.

Now if luckily you were able to get 5 new Ps4 on black friday at a cost of #299,000

Total Cost Of Purchase On BlackFriday  : 5 x #60,000 = #300,000

You then sell them at the normal price of #120,000 after black friday event :

After Black Friday  : 5 x #120,000 = #600,000

Now Lets Calculate your profit :

#600,000 – #300,000 = #300,000

That’s a cool 300k profit!!!!! Whoa What a cool ASAP MONEY .

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Jumia Black Friday 2018 – Deals, Date And Offers


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